RapidHire Driver Recruiting Management Software

Hiring is still PEOPLE connecting with and working with PEOPLE.

RapidHire brings people and data together in one comprehensive

RapidHire Driver Recruiting Management Software helps you:

  - Improve communication with applicants ....

    - Increase info sharing with all personnel and departments ....

       - Reduce paper files, faxes, printouts, data entry time ....

          - Standardize and Streamline the many steps from  HELLO to RAPID-HIRED!

RapidHire is a feature-rich, fully-integrated system, created specifically for the trucking industry.

RapidHire is highly-configurable and tailored  for your company specifications and hiring requirements.

RapidHire enables recruiters to qualify and hire truck drivers quicker -  even during the first phone contact.

RapidHire turns the traditionally slow, paper-intensive process into a FAST and EFFICIENT internet-based, computer-driven hiring system.

Use RapidHire as the hub of your driver data wheel, gathering information from sources like Job Portal websites and Background Reporting services like HireRight. Export Hired Driver information from RapidHire to popular dispatch software like TMW Power Suite and others.

 RapidHire integrates into your company website with Internet Driver Application for online recruiting  -  with optional DIGITIZED ONLINE SIGNATURE for any of your company's required releases and forms.

  The signed documents are immediately available for you to review, print, fax, or email from RapidHire.   Plus update the driver record, gather background reports, and complete the many phases of the hiring process right in RapidHire.

RapidHire automatically screens drivers based on your company requirements, freeing recruiters to focus on the most qualified candidates.  Add your own company scoring, ranking or risk index assessment.

Users can work on the standard IBM-style screens or RapidHire's pioneering "Webfaced" version of screens, utilizing Microsoft Internet Explorer®.  An unlimited number of your company users share information from any location, with secure password-protected login.

Data is entered quickly, directly into the comprehensive RapidHire database, using rapid-entry selection menus, auto-fill fields and more.

RapidHire helps you define driver categories, based on criteria like terminal, recruiter, position, or application date to automatically search and sort.

RapidHire helps you define company parameters to generate reports for printout, spreadsheet, or mail merge, based on any information in RapidHire – like advertising sources or average time from first contact to hired.

Communicate with applicants at any stage using RapidHire’s personalized followup management functions and E-merge templates for emails and letter or form printouts.

RapidHire helps reduce hiring costs and contributes to your company's  profitability.
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RapidHire Truck Driver Recruiting Management Software.

Our experienced Transportation Industry Recruiting Consultants work with you to customize RapidHire to fit your company’s needs -- at a fraction of the cost of personalizing boxed software or creating your own system.

RapidHire is accessed via secure internet connection --  No software or hardware to buy -- just low setup and monthly subscription.

All data is stored securely at a tier-3 data center and backed up daily.  Driver files are never shared with other companies and remain your company’s property -- a valuable asset.

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