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Click the text in the list below to read more about RapidHire Products & Services.

  • RapidHire Software Features
    Are you refusing or rescheduling loads because you need more qualified drivers?  Read how RapidHire Driver Recruiting Management Software increases your company's recruiting effectiveness and ultimately,  your profit margin with numerous time and cost-saving features .... features that are unique to the RapidHire system. 

  • RapidHire Upgrades
    Working with our customers' feedback, RapidHire is constantly upgrading and adding features to RapidHire Driver Recruiting Management Software. 

  • RapidHire Functions Overview
    This chart outlines the many different functions that RapidHire performs for the various stages of recruiting  .... from initial contact and information gathering .. to qualification and verification .. to orientation and hiring .. and finally, to management review of the process.

  • Internet Driver Applications
    Does your hiring system take days or even, weeks?  RapidHire's Internet Driver Application is the avenue of access for drivers to apply directly to your recruiting department  .... online at your website, in a simple, user-friendly way.   Your recruiter knows immediately if the applicant meets your hiring requirements and should be fast-tracked through verification and orientation.

  • Internet Driver Application Sample
    Walk through RapidHire's Internet Driver Application here.  It's comprehensive and all information need only be entered once into your entire recruiting and payroll systems.

  • HireRight DAC Reports
    RapidHire is the first recruiting software to interface directly with DAC for MVR, SSN check, job history report, and CDLIS.

  • Product FAQ's
    We've answered a few of the frequently asked questions that our customers have asked about RapidHire Driver Recruiting Management Software .... or you can ask your question if you don't find the answer here.

  • Schedule an Online Demonstration of RapidHire Software
    See RapidHire in action with a personal online demonstration.

  • RapidHire Information Brochure
    Need a brief synopsis of RapidHire to take to your IT or purchasing department?  Here's some information  you can print and use.

  • RapidHire Support Services
    RapidHire is more than software.  It's a comprehensive management system and we provide a number of services to help you implement and integrate it into your existing systems.   

  • Customer Experiences
    Still skeptical about RapidHire Recruiting Software?  These trucking company managers were, too - at first.   We'll let them tell you how RapidHire has improved their hiring process.

  • Customer Internet App Links - DRIVERS APPLY NOW!
    Check out how our customers are using the RapidHire Internet App .... or if you are a driver seeking employment, apply now at any of our customers' websites.
  • RapidHire in the News
    Read what  the media is saying about RapidHire and its many unique features and benefits.
  • RapidHire Announcements
    Read the latest news releases and special announcements from RapidHire.
  • RapidHire Company Profile
    The people behind RapidHire Driver Recruiting Software and its many unique features.

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